Women's March 2019 San Francisco

"I really care about so many of the issues going on right now," special ed teacher Bessy Proctor said. "I care about women's rights, I care about gun control, I care about the climate change, I care about LGBTQ rights, I care about all of it."
"I decided to choose to see the forest and not get stuck in the trees," Proctor said. "I decided that the big picture was that women matter, all of the women matter no matter what."
"This past November, we elected 113 women who were sworn in to serve in our nation’s capital in the most diverse House of Representatives ever,” Congresswoman Barbara Lee said to the crowd.
yoga teacher Natalie somers (second to left) said she came out to the Women's March because of "support, community, being with women, empowering other women and having a voice."

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