Digital Art Portfolio River valley art portfolio 2016-2017

I really liked this project

Van Gogh drawing

I liked making the shapes into different things
Copying it from iPad onto paper was fun

Paper 53 picture on iPad and drawing

I liked being able to add any design I wanted

Clay Vessel

I loved being able to add stuff we liked

Self expression drawing

It was fun to work as a team to copy all the pieces

Group Mural

I liked this project, it was short though

Optical Illusion

Look it's my name!!!

Locker name plate

I liked using different utensils

Multi-Media Monet

It was hard to make it symmetrical

Radial Symmetry

This was very hard!


I enjoyed making the entire picture out of one line

One line drawing

I like chameleons!!!

Monochromatic animal painting

I liked to make the shape of it!

Color wheel

I liked making the designs

Visual texture

This was fun

Straight line design

I Had An Amazing Year!!!!

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