Matthew McGrath

Preface and Introduction: Fr. Greg Boyle tells us about his life of serving gang members. I like how he says “but I never felt like I had the discipline” when talking about writing the book. When on the other hand I feel like he has shown many times that he indeed does have the discipline. This shows he is also very humble making him an even better role model for us all. I really like how human he is and willing to admit his weaknesses. He truly is a good guy.

Chapter 1: God, I Guess

This chapter shows the love a a mother. Rigo's mlther travels great distances to be with her son, God's love is far greater than that. God, I guess, really loves us and it's hard (impossible) to wrap our heads around how much he actually loves us. I feel very special when I hear or read a story like this. It gives a feeling of belonging and I know it is very comforting for me.

Chapter 2: Dis-Grace

I found the story of Lula very heartbreaking yet very heartwarming. Here is this poor boy who is giddy over someone calling him by his name, and we take things like that for granted. When he showed up to Father G's office proud of all Fs, it really shows how important perspective is. Our outlook on a horrible situation is just our outlook. If we can find someone who loves us (God) then we can be happy and get through anything life throws at us. We are the only ones who can change our perspective.

Chapter 3: Compassion

The story that hit me the hardest here was of Memo and his reaction to seeing poverty in Pritchard, Alabama. The effect it must have had on him must have been extreme. A big gang member is crying. I front of a rival gang member, a man he could have killed at one point. He couldn't even keep his guard up, a thing I'm sure he is used to. He showed compassion, which I'm sure he isn't used to. Even though he and his life has been hardened with gang life, he still sheds tears for others.

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