20th Ward Candidate Maya Hodari - A Lifetime of Tackling Challenges and She's Ready to Lead High integrity - Passion - Experienced

The first question many people ask a candidate is "Why are you running?"

While other candidates respond with typical rhetoric like "It's time for a change" or "We deserve better" or "I want to bring more jobs, reduce crime, and improve our schools.” Sure, we all want those things, but when you consider what it takes to actually achieve them, Maya Hodari is the only candidate in the field who has the passion and experience to deliver.

As Maya has stated repeatedly during this campaign, our neighborhoods were devastated by 40 years of population loss and disinvestment. It’s time to manage the game-changing impact of the proposed Obama Presidential Center. The next alderman must have the professional capacity, insight, passion and integrity to ensure that investment benefits everyone. This is a critical time and requires a unique person to steward the change. Maya is the right person at the right time. Here's why:

Knowledge is Power

Professionally, Maya learned her skills and craft working at the Chicago Housing Authority rebuilding housing and mixed-use properties. She deeply understands how to balance the needs of neighbors and manage the interests of developers. No other candidate has the combination of professional experience and commitment to community as Maya. She's able to guide swift economic and residential development while respecting our neighborhoods’ cultural heritage. It’s time for our families to get a fair deal.

Rooted in Family

Maya was raised in a working class family on the south side with five sisters and a brother. Life was sometimes tough, and Maya's parents had to make a way when things looked bleak. Maya and her siblings learned how to overcome life's challenges with smarts, grace, dignity and an abiding, unshakable love. She credits her mom with providing her with the strength of character to fight and win when the chips are down.

Committed to Service

Maya's dad was a Chicago Cop who defied "Boss" Daley by helping to organize the Afro-American Patrolman's League. These brave officers refused to harm community people despite being ordered to "shoot to kill." Maya never forgot the courage it took for her dad to speak truth to power. It's part of her DNA. That's why she took a stand to prevent gun violence - joining the Mid South Anti violence Collaborative and Woodlawn Public Safety Alliance when shootings increased in our communities. That's why she lobbied for an affordable homeownership program beginning in 2012. Its why she pushes for job opportunities for our neighbors and young people connected with important investments such as the Obama Presidential Center.

Enough is Enough

We've heard rehearsed campaign speeches all before. Too much crime, too few businesses, too many people out of work, too many under performing schools, and nothing seems to be getting better. In the last 10 years Maya joined with neighbors and stakeholders when violent crime spiked. She got more summer jobs and safety programs. She fought for an affordable homeownership program. She lobbied for money to beautify business corridors and vacant lots. Less talk, more change. Maya has vision and does the work to bring the change about.

Facing Challenges with Integrity

When she decided to run, Maya didn't know how grimy Chicago politics can be. She survived a serious petition challenge without expensive lawyers. She struggled to raise money from ordinary people while other candidates got money and help from the powerful elite within and outside of the ward. She knows that power is derived from the people so she is out on the streets meeting voters everyday despite record-breaking cold, limited resources and a crowded field of opponents. She is doing all this with dignity and integrity.

Here’s the Bottom Line

Maya knows that improving our families quality of life extends our years of life. Maya is raising an 11-year old son. She wants our children to be safe and free from the threat of violence. She wants children to be able to attend high-performing neighborhood schools and/or pass a pre-apprenticeship exam. She wants our families to be able to shop and eat at nice places, and work and play in a community like the one she remembers growing up.

The Choice is Clear

No one is better prepared. No one is more committed to improving the community. No one is more honest and ethical. This is the time for residents to elect Maya Hodari as the next Alderman of the 20th Ward.

Replace the Blight - Attract Investment - Renew Trust and Hope

Punch #62 and Elect the Clear Choice for 20th Ward Alderman--Maya Hodari

Visit www.electmayahodari.com

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