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Followers of Islam are common referred to as "Muslims". Muslims worship the god Allah, which translates to "The God" in English. The spiritual leader Muhammad who was a prophet and wrote Quran based on what he believed was directly told to him by the god Allah. Muhammad spread his teachings through much of Asia and North Africa around the time of 610 A.D.

The Quran is the holy book of Islam, this reading is comprised of what is believed to be Allah's direct word to the prophet Muhammad. The is usually only read in its native Arabic writing but has been translated into English and few other languages on rare occasions. The Arabic religion consists of a framework called the 5 pillars which are shahadah, salat, Zakat, sawm, and Hajj. The last pillar roughly translates to "a pilgrimage to mecca', which means that any Islamic follower who is financially able must make the journey to the mecca and pray with thousands of others who do the same.

Ramadan is an important holiday in the religion of Islam. This is the celebration of when Muhammad received the Quran from his god Allah.

The Islamic religion consists of two major sects of the religion. The first of which is called Shia, members of this sect believe that rulers of the religion should be decedents of the prophet Muhammad. While the other sect, the Sunni believe that high rulers only need to be followers of the prophet Muhammad.


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