Todd Smith’s book does a great job of stating many facts about art and the creation of art within the church. His book takes us back to the 18th century art and then brings us up to today’s modern art. Showing how art has changed throughout the course of history. I think he did a great job showing the reader foreign art as well and how foreign art impacted the church. Mr. Smith also discusses how modern art affects the church. The book gives the reader a strong understanding of what art is and how it applies to Christianity.

Art history has changed so much over the years in our culture, and it will shape the way we will look at art in the days to come. What is happening in the lives of people living at a particular time is usually displayed in the art that is produced. This book tells us about how art in the church has changed and how art can come in many different forms, shapes, and sizes. The book Mr. Smith wrote shows us that some of the ways art is expressed is though music, dance, visual art, and architecture.

We are also shown how these different forms of art change over time and how different cultures have adopted them and used them as their own form of art to express emotion, love, creativity, and passion. This book teaches us how art is viewed in different ways by the church and was very informative for me to obtain a better and deeper understanding of art and how the churches valued it. The book does a very god job of teaching how art can be used as a form of ministry and can be used to share the gospel with people all over the world.

However, some people may find art to be sinful and twisted, and some of it is just that, but art should be used to display the glory of God. today’s societies art impacts lives currently, and has always impacted lives since the beginning of time. The book does a good job of informing people with the facts necessary to know and understand why specific pieces of art were built, and what the impact was that they had on society.


Smith Anthony Todd. Creative Church: The Arts and a century of Renewal. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt, 2015. Print

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