SUMMIT REPORT & SUMMARY: The Affiliated Tribe of Northwest Indians (ATNI) hosted our first Resist. Reframe. Reclaim Summit in partnership with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians. The Summit provided an opportunity for Tribal leaders and environmental justice allies from across the Northwest to examine the impact and implications of the Tacoma LNG plant, which has taken center stage for the Puyallup Tribe as they fight to preserve and protect their traditional and cultural lands. The Summit featured leading voices and expert advocates that are working in partnership with Tribes to protect our land, water, natural resources and communities from the impacts of short sighted fossil fuel projects across the Northwest Indian Country.

Summit Objectives

  • Highlight and examine the history and processes that led to the Tacoma LNG Project.
  • Discuss Tribal case studies and how Tribes can successfully defeat fossil fuel projects.
  • Discuss the importance of allies and coalitions in fighting fossil fuel projects.

The Tacoma LNG plant as well as other fossil fuel projects occupy a physical presence and directly, as well as indirectly, impact the surrounding natural environment and ecological systems. In order to tell and give a more full picture of why this issue was critical for the Puyallup Tribe, the participants needed to see and be immersed in the lands and community that the Tribe calls home. The Puyallup Tribe and representatives from its planning, housing, environmental, economic, and cultural departments provided a site visit tour of their community. In order to fully understand proximity of the LNG plant to their housing developments or their traditional lands, it was imperative that participants see the physical locations personally.

Tribal representatives provided an overview and context of each of the 5 locations and how they are of particular importance to the Tribe, whether it is for actively practicing their culture, restoring sacred environmentally damaged tidal flats, or the future economic interest of the Tribe and surrounding community. Together Summit participants visited:

  • Place of Circling Waters
  • Puyallup Tribes’ Northeast Housing
  • Chinook Marina
  • Dxwłalilali Landing Site
  • Riverboat Blair Property

Tarika Powell, Sightline Institute, provided a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) 101 overview.

Ramona Bennet, Former Puyallup Tribal Chairwoman

NCAI President Fawn Sharp (Quinault Nation) providing remarks.

Puyallup Tribal Council Members Annette Bryan & Anna Bean

Puyallup Tribe's advocacy efforts to stop the Tacoma LNG Plant

Water Warriors providing remarks during the Summit

Summit participants went on a guided tour of the Puyallup Tribe's housing and reservation with the Tribe's planning department.

Place of Circling Waters

Place of Circling Waters: An example of the Puyallup Tribe's environmental restoration efforts.

Puyallup Tribes’ Northeast Housing

Puyallup Tribal Housing Director discussing how the Tribe is working to provide safe, affordable housing for community. The LNG Plant exposes the community to a number of risks to everyone living in the area.

Summit participants saw the Tribe's LEED certified housing units. The Tribe is doing its part to integrate renewable and energy efficient technologies in its housing developments.

Puyallup Tribe's Chinook Marina.

Puyallup Tribe staff led discussion on how the Tribe is developing economic ventures and how the LNG plant exposes the Tribal fishery and businesses to risks.

dxwłalilali Landing Site

Representatives from the Tribe's Cultural Resources Department discuss the Tribe's efforts to reclaim lands and revitalize culture for current and future generations. The LNG Plant directly impacts the Tribe's traditional way of life.

The Tribe's Economic Development Department discussed the impact of the LNG Plant and its impact on attracting economic development opportunities. There was no consideration of the Tribe's economic interests and the evaluation of potential impacts of the LNG plant.

Riverboat Blair Property

Joel Moffett, providing a recap of Day 1

RESIST: Discussion on Tribal opposition to fossil fuel projects in the NW

RESIST Panel included representatives from University of Oregon, Yakama Nation, and Earth Justice

RECLAIM: Indigenous Environmental Justice Movement - Mazaska Talks - National push to divest from fossil fuel industry

Allies, Protectors of the Salish Sea, and Water Protectors

Paul Wagner, Protectors of the Salish Sea



Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) 101 -- Tarika Powell, Sightline Institute

Puyallup Tribe >> History of Resisting Tacoma LNG Project

RESIST: Tribal Opposition to fossil fuel projects in the Pacific Northwest


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