Journey Log Nine Madison fitzgibbon - madisonfitz11 - section 41 - warrior

Habits of mind used: Openness and Engagement

Summer is very soon

As I write one of my final journey logs, I am relieved to find out that this is my second to last one. It has been a challenging semester and I cannot wait for summer which is arriving in a few short weeks. Writing these journey logs has been painfully difficult for me as you can probably tell, since there is only so much one can talk about for six hundred words (notice I wrote out six hundred rather than just typing 600). I understand that everyone enrolled in English 1030 has to write something of this degree every week, but I simply find it tedious and wasteful. But enough of that, let's discuss some Minecraft (my favorite thing).

Sorry for using a Minecraft picture in so many of my recent journey logs, but it is only fitting for the topic. So I recently just finished my first major Minecraft build. Although at times it made me feel nauseous, made me want to throw my computer at a wall, and made me want to drop out of college, I finished it, and I was actually pretty pleased with the final product I created. The house I made was my first real build and by keeping an open mind, I was able to finish it and make it look like a somewhat normal modern day house. I'm not going to lie, after finishing the house I did feel like a complete nerd. But by engaging in the game and really putting my mind to it, I was able to create a masterpiece of my own. Another side note, I did use a Youtube video as a reference but the video went way too fast and was not descriptive whatsoever so by the end of the build, I was basically just doing my own thing. So thanks for making me open my mind up to Minecraft, it was not as terrible as I thought it would be (although I did have to invest in a mouse for my computer).

During this past week, I had to make a trip to the local Walmart in order to get a mouse for my computer. I realized it was nearly impossible to play Minecraft with a Mac and rushed to the nearest store to get a mouse. The store Walmart in itself scares me to death and reminds me I should not drop out of college and become like one of the degenerates working and/or shopping there. I asked one of these degenerates about where an "external mouse" was, not realizing this was not the correct technical lingo. He proceeds to laugh in my face and continuously say "external mouse" followed by some more laughter. In that moment I wanted to punch this man in the throat, but I contained my rage. He finally showed me to my "external mouse" and proceeded to go and tell his co worker about what happened. I realize that working at Walmart is probably an awful experience that I would never wish upon my worst enemy, but did this man really have nothing better to do with his time? Maybe instead of him making fun of struggling college students drowning in school work, he can maybe apply for a better job, or even go back to college himself (wild concept, right?)!!! In conclusion, this guy gave me another reason to hate Walmart even more than I already did, and made me realize I may or may not have an anger issue and I may or may not be super passive aggressive in these journey logs each week (sorry for that). Either way, I hate Walmart. And that guy. The end.

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