Harborview By alli

The first time I went to the hospital, this was the first thing I saw while walking to the volunteer office, to do my interview.
On 9th ave, the street where the main entrance is, towering over the street is 6 floors of glass windows that doubles as a sky bridge from the main hospital to the Maleng building. It is definitely the first thing you will see as you are looking at the hospital.
Underneath the skybridge are these mosaic metal tiles that are supposed to represent a river. This is one of the statement pieces of the hospital and if you are walking from the emergency room to the 9th avenue entrance you will see it if you look up while walking through.
The second time I went to the hospital was for my volunteer orientation. I entered through the 9th avenue entrance which is where the volunteer office is located.
After meeting at the volunteer office, we all traveled to the training building to sit through a 2 hour orientation.
Research and training building
Once I officially started volunteering, I got my parking pass to park in the garage on 8th avenue. This is the view from the top of the garage
Since volunteering, I always enter the building through the 8th Avenue Entrance.
At the hospital I volunteer in the ICU and provide the patients and their families with non-medical care. Above is the windows of some of the patients rooms in the east hospital.
On top of the parking garage is a view point overlooking downtown Seattle. Since I work on Sunday's visitors are required to get visitor badges, and while overlooking the city, I noticed this badge stuck on the benches and I thought the way it was stuck on there depicted anger or frustration.
I also work in the emergency on occasion to deliver newspapers or parking passes.
Harborview is in the heart of the city and it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever gotten to experience.

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