Brandon & Courtney Bring it Home - Madison, Minnesota

“I love the fact that I get to take care of my friends and neighbors. I love when someone comes to visit us from out of town, and everywhere we go, we see people we know. Not just recognize, but know. Friends from larger cities don’t realize how important it is to be connected to your friends and community members. This helps the vitality of our small towns and is so enriching for all of us.”

Brandon Ulstad grew up on a family farm in rural Madison. He attended Lac qui Parle Valley School and was involved in just about everything he could be. While he was grateful for the opportunities he had growing up, he was set on moving “as far away as possible” once he graduated. He went off to college and attended Dental School, where he met his wife, Courtney.

Once they got married, they had plans to settle down somewhere big. Yet, when they started thinking about where they want to raise their future family, they kept coming back to the idea of a rural area. Brandon took a job in Marshall and when the dental practice in Madison went up for sale, they decided to make the move back to Madison and take over the business. Moving back home, Brandon says, is one of the best decisions they have ever made.

Brandon and his wife, Courtney, have lived in Madison for 15 years now and are raising three children—Charlie, JT, and Kate—all teenagers attending school at Lac qui Parle Valley. Brandon has been running the Madison Dental Clinic since he moved back. He is happy to be working in the small-town healthcare system, noting how unique it is compared to urban areas. Everywhere he goes in town, he is likely to run into patients, because of that, he noted that there is a “social contract in a small town that is unwritten but everybody knows what it says—we all need to give each other our best.”

As a business owner, Brandon notices the “symbiotic relationships” small businesses partake in to thrive. He appreciates the loyalty businesses, as well as other citizens, have to each other. The excitement cus-tomers and clients have for local businesses is what motivates him to serve the community to the best of his ability.

Brandon and his family are also sure to support the community outside of work, as well. From serving on a variety of boards to eating and shopping local, the Ulstads do all they can to help the community prosper, while enjoying time together as a family. They often like to explore Lac qui Parle State Park, attend and participate in productions at the Prairie Art Center, and golf nine holes at the Madison Country Club. It didn’t take long after Brandon moved back to the area to soon realized that the things he once overlooked growing up, are actually some of the many reasons he appreciates rural living.

“I love the smell of dirt in the spring, the look of a freshly cut field of alfalfa in the summer, and the sounds of grain dryers going in the fall. These are things that were lost on me when I grew up here, but now I crave these changes in the seasons.”

These things, and so much more, have made Brandon realize how lucky he was to grow up here and he is very grateful to get to raise his own kids in the area. There is no place like home, and the Ulstads are happy that Madison is the place they get to call home.

“I knew without question that there was no place that I’d rather watch my kids grow up and that there’s no other place that I want to keep my roots planted. I feel like this second time home, I’m appreciating all that Madison has to offer and we are enjoying living in the good old days while we’re living them.”

Madison, Minnesota - Welcomes you HOME!

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