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 Frictionless works well with others, friendly.

 Outside the box thinker very creative.

 Encourages constructive criticism enjoys knowing how to improve on work.

 Transparent will not hide anything and will own up to mistakes if made.


Senior attending Crater School of BIS. While in high school, my goals include gaining the knowledge in order to start up a small comic book publishing company.


 Summer of 2013, Volunteered in the ZooTeens program at the Oregon Zoo. Jobs including running artifact tables for educating child visitors. Another job included cleaning animal transportation crates. The most interesting assignments were petting zoo duty, insect zoo duty, and farm house duty, which involved displaying animals to be pet by the visitors.

 Experience in childcare, I have been babysitting my younger brothers for years. Skills include, cooking, cleaning, entertaining, safety precautions, etc.

Intermediate computer skills including:

  •  Photoshop
  •  Illustrator
  •  Paint
  •  Word
  •  PowerPoint
  •  Excel

Path to Education

  1. Rogue Community College/Southern Oregon University
  2. Write a brief description of the institution you plan to attend/enlist. Rogue Community College is a cheap community college that I can attend to get the hair pulling stressful stuff out of the way first, so then I can transfer to SOU and get the degrees I actually want.
  3. Include the vision or mission statement of the institution. This could also be the philosophy of the institution: Southern Oregon University is an inclusive campus community dedicated to student success, intellectual growth, and responsible global citizenship
  4. In your own words, write a brief description of the campus and/or the city/town of the institution. If you are interested in military service, determine where you might be stationed for tech school, NOT boot camp
  5. SOU is in Ashland, Oregon. It is a large campus a quarter mile from the downtown. It’s surrounded by trees and mountains and has a nice cool air. Ashland has always been known for its all-organic hippie culture, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It is a small town with a lot of personality and culture.


  • School- Southern Oregon University
  • Tuition- $8,145
  • Housing- $750
  • Books- $200
  • Food- $200
  • Other- $1710

Path to Career

First Steps – What's Out there?

I wish either to start my own comic book company or to work for Dark Horse Comics. I am good at what I do and I constantly display signs of improvement over time. I have created multiple fleshed out stories, characters, and settings.

A comic book artist at Dark Horse Comics makes about $14-$17 an hour, the job of a comic book artist is to create the artwork, and sometimes even the story, behind a comic or graphic novel.

Next Steps – Find a Job!

Not literally – in the dream-big-figurative-sense. Why? You need to know what it takes to qualify for that job.

Now, find a company/organization and a job position that interests you. Research the following and record your findings in a Word document:

  • Write a basic description of the company/organization-
  • Dark Horse is a comic book company famous for making works based on expanded universes from existing franchises such as Star Wars, Alien, The Legend of Korra, and many more. It was originally founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson.

Mission Statement – Born of a maxed-out credit card and a passion for creator rights, Dark Horse Comics of Milwaukie, Oregon, has transformed the creative landscape in the Pacific Northwest, turning the Portland area into the country's largest community of cartoonists and graphic artists outside of New York.

Dark Horse was founded in 1986 by Mike Richardson, who had opened a small chain of comic-book stores in the early 1980s on the strength of that credit card. Frustrated that the market had little to offer other than the usual super-hero fantasies, Richardson and Randy Stradley decided to publish comics aimed at more mature readers and—in a novel break with industry traditions—offer the creators full ownership of the material.

Paul Chadwick's Concrete was the company's first breakthrough hit, but it was the arrival of writer/artist Frank Miller in 1990 that elevated Dark Horse from a minor publishing house to a major force in the industry. After redesigning Batman in The Dark Knight Returns, for DC Comics (one of the seminal events in modern comics history), Miller wanted to take future projects to a publisher where he would have greater creative freedom and a larger share of the profits. He eventually brought Give Me Liberty and the commercial blockbuster Sin City to Dark Horse. The Oregon-based company has, by and large, remained the industry's number three publisher, behind Marvel and DC, ever since.

On the strength of Richardson's energy and instincts, Dark Horse pioneered comics based on licensed projects—including Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Aliens, and Terminator—and has dramatically popularized Japanese manga. Richardson formed Dark Horse Entertainment in 1992, which has produced such films as The Mask, Timecop, and Hellboy. The company also has a small book-publishing operation, runs a chain of comics stores, Things From Another World, and sells comic-related merchandise and toys.

The presence of Dark Horse in the metro area continues to attract comics professionals to Portland. The city is now home to two other comics publishers, Oni Press and Top Shelf; the nation's largest ensemble of freelance cartoonists, Periscope Studio; and an independent comics convention, the Stumptown Comics Festival, which feted Richardson as its special guest of honor in 2008.

a. History – Include a brief history of the company:

  •  When the company/organization was founded?
  • A. 1986
  •  Who started the company/organization?
  • A. Mike Richardson
  •  Include unique facts that pertain to the development or success of the company-
  • A. It allows the creators of the comics to keep their rights
  • 2. Product or Service Description –
  • a. comic books and graphic novels
  • 3. Job Description – Write a description of the job position
  • o To produce, draw, and write comic books
  • o Technically all you need is exceptional artistic ability and creativity, but of course an art degree will bring you to that position faster
  • o $14-$17 an hour
  • 4. Write a paragraph about why you feel this company/organization would be a good fit for you. Include in your response a discussion about:
  • o If you see opportunity for growth or promotion
  • o If you feel the company/organization will be able to provide longevity or sustainability in terms of challenging you and/or maintaining engagement or motivation
  • o If the salary and benefits offered meet your goals or ambitions for your life

Dark Horse Comics is a company based in Portland Oregon. I may wish to work there some day. I honestly don’t care too much about the pay, the pay works sort of like this, when you first start out, you get paid the worse of the worse, but the more successful works you end up producing, the more you become recognized and the more value you are as an artist. The challenges will be creating professional works of art while still producing them rapidly. Dark Horse provides great health insurance and a FREE GYM MEMEBERSHIP!!!

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