Creeds By Bernadette Madsen

What is a creed?

A creed is a set of beliefs or aims which guide someones actions.

His kingdom will have no end.

The line I chose from the nicene creed is, his kingdom will have no end. The meaning of this line is that God's kingdom cannot be destroyed, despite all of humanitys efforts. But what does this mean to me? To me, this means that God's love is endless, end his kingdom will exist as long as his love, because his kingdom is love.

My creed

I believe there is one loving God, creator of all things, who always existed

I believe in Jesus' death and ressurection, freeing us from sin, and restoring all with life

I believe that God is one of welcoming, forgiving and loving

I believe everyone should leave the earth, leaving a little more good in the world then when they came into it

I believe in a marriage full of love and commitment.

I believe it is important to be humble, grateful, kind, honest, brave, adventerous, selfless, compassion, all which nourish the soul

I believe you cannot change your gender/sexuality and disagree in gay marriage, however do not discriminate against

I believe in natural beauty, and anything made from the Lord Jesus Christ is beautiful, but especially humans

I believe that humans were made differently from any other animal or living thing,and are different and special in that way

I believe what you give is what you get, and you should treat others how you wish to be treated

I believe everyone has the right to recieve and witness God's love

I believe that beauty is in everything, but so is pain

I believe that every human is good, and beyond hate is love

My message:

'Give more than you take'

What does being a catholic mean to me?

That I follow what I am called to do by God and evangelise by spreading the good news and love of God

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