My goals by. elizebeth cline

Four one year goals- One of my one year goals is to pass next year with a 3.0 average score. meaning i would have to get go grades and do my best to keep all A's and maybe one B. Another one year goal would be to finally have a job so i can help support my mom since she is very sick and is trying to work but is having trouble with it. My third one year goal isn't so much a one year goal but i would count it as because it has been almost a year to get my family to talk to each other again so my goal would be to try and spend My final one year goal is to try and fix things between me and my friends. I say this because we have gone through a lot and if it weren't for them I would be afraid of trying to talk to other people so I would like to try and build our relationship 16th birthday with all of my family.
Four three year goals- One of my three year goal would be to have enough money to get a car i say this because i want to be able to get to work and to go to school. Another one would be to get into a college even if i have to do online or community college. Another three year goal i have is to have enough money to buy a house and have a car. Finally another three year goal would be to help my parents buy a house.
Four five year goals : One of my five year goals would to go through GCC and become a chef. Another five year goal would be to try and study new things during college and try to work some where i would get along with. My third 5 year goal would have to be help out with my grandmother and grandfather( my grandfather is sick now but he will probably be a lot worse by then and i would like to get him to like needles so he doesn't always freak out) . Finally my last goal would be to travel with my best friend to New York and Rome.
Five ten year goals: Some of the goals in this category are a Little less than 10 years or a little more than 10. One would be to hopefully gone through a university and get my doctors degree. another one would be to have a house of my own and to have a family. Third would be to be a Obstetrician. My 5th one would be to be a doctor. finally i would love to be married.


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