Spread His Word and Let it be Heard! By: group 1

Help us spread the message of God and increase participation within our Church community.

Our Purpose
To showcase the message of our campaign in a unique and interesting way, we designed the slogan with a maverick and a cross. We wanted to include these two figures, the Maverick and the cross, to show what our school represents. A maverick indicates our freedom and individuality as a school, and the cross shows that we are believers and followers of Christ. These images put together represent our motto, “Spread His Word and Let It Be Heard.” The Maverick symbolizes the school, specifically each student, running in search to evangelize and spread the Good News of Christ.
Our spokesperson is the maverick mascot. This is because he represents our school as a whole. The maverick appeals to students because he raises school spirit and brings all grades together as a community. Through the same way, he can be an example of a devout Catholic for students to follow.
You can contact us by using this hashtag. Let your voice be heard and help us spread the message of God!
We hope to allow non-practicing Catholic teens attending Archbishop McCarthy grow closer to the Church community by providing background knowledge about the church and tips on how to evangelize. Specifically, we hope to involve the Peer Ministry, Church Choir, Athlete groups within our school. We believe that these clubs are major parts of our school and helping them understand the need for the church and our Purpose of evangelization, then the AMHS school community would be a better, and more faithful place.

Why are so many Catholics not practicing?

Many Catholics aren't practicing their faith due to many reasons. Whether they be lapsed Catholics, those who don't practice their faith after baptism, or just Catholics who want to be who don't fully practice their faith. These reasons keep these Catholics from developing a practicing faith. In fact, according to Corner of Church and State, the amount of Catholics who are practicing have decreased from 85 percent, in the 70s, to about 65 percent today. One of the main reasons people don't practice their faith is because they feel like it's "boring". In HopeChannel.com it is stated that about 42 percent of Catholics who don't attend mass say they don't because they feel as it is boring. And another 27% said that they don't attend mainly due to reasons that have to do with how weak their faith is. And another 15% is that people don't have time to attend because of work.

How teens can evangelize in their every day lives

The best way for a teenager to spread the Catholic Faith:

- The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that evangelization is simply "the proclamation of Christ by word and the testimony of life" (CCC, 905). In fact, "the best way for a teenager to evangelize is through testimony or good example of his or her life" (Jesus and the Church, 305). By setting a good example and striving for a life dedicated to the virtues of faith, hope, and love, we can inspire people to follow in the same path. Non-believers learn about Jesus from those who live in Christ's footsteps and who can clear a path to Jesus, the Savior.

- One of the best ways we, as teens, can evangelize is to keep learning about our faith so we can respond to questions and disagreements both intelligently and as a passionate believer (Jesus and the Church, 90).

- If you live a life motivated by love, people will take notice and will most likely be influenced by your passion and determination (Jesus and the Church, 90).


According to USCCB, “In a special way, the New Evangelization is focused on ‘re-proposing’ the Gospel to those who have experienced a crisis of faith.” This means that the new Evangelization wants to bring more people into the church who are believers but not practicing. This new evangelization began when Pope John Paul II called a new spark to this Catholic duty. "A new evangelization has begun, as if it were a new proclamation, even if in reality it is the same as ever.” It is different from the old Evangelization because we are now more focused on bringing non-practicing Catholics closer to the church rather than bringing new believers into the church. However, both types wanted to bring people closer to God.

The church's mission is to preach the gospel and make disciples throughout the world through Evangalization.

This campaign relates to Evangelization through our personal mission of spreading the good news of God and inspire teens to continue their Catholic lives with God. Also, our goal is to bring more teens into actively practicing their faith.

Preparation before evangelization

Some ways teens can "pre-evangelize" are to:

-Pray daily

-Carry a cross in your pocket

-Read the Bible

-Receive the sacraments

-Communicate with those who inspire you (Jesus and the Church, 255-256)

Our Media Outlets

Our Snapchat account is open to all those who want to learn more about becoming a more active member of the church. Contact us with our hashtag #activecatholic to let your voice be heard. We believe this hashtag summarizes our goals into just two simple words. It also helps promote the importance of influencing and inspiring our peers to become more active Catholics by spreading the Good News within our school and local community. In fact, this hashtag can be used as a caption for various pictures that portray someone evangelizing. In conclusion, this will help spread the message of our campaign through social media, which in turn, will better influence the actions of our young audience and peers.

Click the link below to find out more about Jesus' Apostles and their roles in the Church.

Evangelization is an important part in every Catholic's life. We hope we have been helpful in bringing you closer to God. And always remember to Spread His Word and Let It be Heard!

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