Reflections of a Semester Megan Evans

Dear Dr Sullivan,

This semester has flown by for me. I had quite a few challenges this semester with having to travel for work and managing my classes. I was initially surprised by this class. I thought in the class we would read books and articles and then write papers. Boy, was I surprised when I got the syllabus and saw what we would be doing. I struggled with the concept at first, but I’ve come to like this style of writing better. I especially enjoy the incorporating pictures, links and Adobe Spark.

The Struggle is Real

The biggest issue that I struggled with this semester was writing for the digital audience. The standard format that we’ve used in college for years has been ingrained into my academic life. I had a hard time blocking the text, and incorporating pictures into my essays. The first essay was tough for me. I still don’t think I got it right. I read a lot of information on the internet, but never stopped and thought about how it’s presented differently from print media. The first essay, I tried to do it all aspects at one time, but felt like I got sidetracked while writing. Most recently, I sat down and actually wrote my full paper, and then went back, incorporating the images, and links.

Even Yoda struggles

The other issue that I struggled with was using quotes in my writing. I had a lot of questions on when to use them and how many to use. In Module 9, Incorporating Sources, I chose the article “Why women still can’t have it all” by Ann-Marie Slaughter. Reading that article showed me that you can have too many quotes. Her article was confusing to me because she would quote people she knew, different sources, and other people’s stories. I got so bogged down in the quotes that a lot of her message was confusing to me. Was she for or against “having it all”? I’m still not sure. This helped me to realize that you need to be mindful about the sources and quotes that you do use. They need to be meaningful to what you are trying to present.

I think I’ve got it.

The essay we did for our analysis of a documentary film was the moment during class that I finally felt like I’ve got this. I chose Downloaded the story of Napster, and really enjoyed the topic. I was in my early 20’s when the Napster phenomenon was going on. I truly thought that I understood what was happening at that time. After watching the documentary, I realized that I didn’t. Even though the documentary was skewed, it tried to show both sides of the story.

Napster Logo... By Jove I think I've got it now....

I especially loved working in Adobe Spark. How have we never learned this system before? It makes your essays dynamic. It helps to bring your written vision to life. I’ve already used it for a presentation at work and everyone was wowed by how great the presentation looked. I will keep that program in my arsenal.

Time to say Goodbye…

Even though I was originally weary about this class, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not every module initially. The Hedge article was very tough to get through but by the end of the article I enjoyed the reflection during the discussion writing. I’ve always thought I was a pretty good writer. I have liked essay questions over multiple choice. This course has given me a depth to my writing that I did not have before. I thank you for that.

The End is near...

Best Regards,

Megan Evans

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