Inside SJPD SJPD Academy Class 27 - the first day

"San Jose Two-Seven!" roared eighteen recruits in unison. Their shout electrified the air in the training room at the San Jose Police Department (SJPD) Academy. It was the recruits' third attempt to proclaim their class name before being allowed to sit. Their first two attempts were either too weak or uncoordinated. But, this time they nailed it. They were in sync as a team.

SJPD Academy Class 27 on their first day together.

It was the first day of SJPD Academy Class 27. Eighteen young and eager recruits gathered together for the first time. The day culminated a process that started when the recruits applied to be a SJPD officer. After their applications were accepted, the recruits took a written test, a physical agility test, filled out a personal history questionnaire, took an oral board exam interview and went through a background investigation. Out of the hundreds of applicants only eighteen met the high SJPD standards.

Assistant Chief of Police Dave Knopf gives the opening talk to the class.

An orientation meeting in the Police Officers Association (POA) hall kicked off the recruit's first day. They had to arrive wearing business-appropriate clothing. Everyone dressed professionally—no one showed up in something inappropriate like workout pants, a t-shirt or sporting blue-dyed hair.

After an opening talk by Assistant Chief of Police Dave Knopf, the recruits were welcomed by the deputy chiefs. An upbeat atmosphere filled the room. The recruits anxiously listened to the words of their superiors who shared words of wisdom and encouragement. The deputy chiefs wanted the recruits to know that the training they will undergo is challenging and tough. But, once they graduate from the SJPD Academy, they will be highly skilled officers in one of the best police departments in the nation.

Deputy Chief Shawny Williams
Deputy Chief of BTS Jeff Marozick
Deputy Chief of BOA Mike Knox

The orientation at the POA ended with the recruits taking the Police Oath of Office.

After lunch, the recruits met up at the SJPD Academy to go over procedures and receive the equipment for their stay at the Academy. The class divided into two teams, each assigned to a specific Training Officer (TO). Sergeant Paul Fontaine commanded the recruits' attention throughout the afternoon with his presence and instructions. In no uncertain terms, he demanded excellence, respect and team work from Class 27.

Team work was probably the most important item that Class 27 learned during their first afternoon at the SJPD Academy. Whether frantically looking for their supply bins, sorting through their backpacks or shouting out "Class Two-Seven!" the eighteen recruits quickly figured out that their success depended on everyone accomplishing the expected tasks. They had to lend a hand if one of them was struggling—they had to be in sync as a team.

The final item for Day One: all recruits must clear out of the SJPD Academy with their equipment ASAP. And, run to their cars they did!

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