ENGLISH Department 英國語文科

Key Programmes

School-based curriculum:

We adopted theme-based approach in F.1 – F.5 so that student output is highly aligned with their input. Vocabulary, proper phrases and expressions are recycled and consolidated successfully.

STEM has also been implemented based on EDB’s new requirement, Learning to Learn 2.0, since last year. STEM projects are conducted in junior forms where necessary. E-Learning is highly adopted to facilitate our students’ English learning in the 21st century.

We also set core curriculum for all classes in the same form. For English classes and elite classes, we arrange additional input materials of various skills to cater for their intellectual needs. By doing so, we have a high sense of catering for learner diversity during form collaborative meetings.

Extension Activities From the Core Curriculum

We firmly believe that students benefit enormously from our authentic English environment, where we focus on students’ learning of English through both the main curriculum and the extended co-curricular activities. Students learn English through class-based activities and projects, both on and off the campus. Last year, visiting Tsim Sha Tsui to write postcards on spot, taking Star Ferry and seeing Victoria Harbour, accomplishing English tasks in Causeway Bay, doing presentations about celebrities and so on facilitated students’ English learning outside their classrooms.

Speech Festival

We had two choral speaking teams last year. One of them, F.3B, got the second runner-up. Their hard work paid off!

English Drama Team

Our English Drama Team is growing successfully over the past several years. Carried on from our 35th anniversary musical ‘Joseph and His Amazing Dreams’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was presented on stage on English Day in 2017-2018. Nearly 100 students were involved in the production.

English Speaking Day

We have been having a series of activities on English Speaking Days for several years and these events are still up and running. Students participate in English Morning Assemblies and all the lunchtime English activities on offer. Smiling faces can be captured very easily on these days!

English Week – Let’s Keep the Ball Rolling!

The English Department at LCK is always the busiest subject department. In order to boost the English atmosphere, we always keep the ball rolling. Thus, last year, we continued to have English Week and the English Variety Show. There were full of activities at all times – in the morning assemblies, at recesses, at lunchtime and in the English lessons. Activities ranging from Q&A sessions on air to class-based performances on the stage in the Variety Show were all catchy and meaningful to every student.

English Reading Buddy Scheme

Started in 2017-2018, the English Reading Buddy Scheme was conducted with the participation of around 20 English Ambassadors (EAs). These EAs were briefed and reminded of some crucial reading aloud skills for the reading tasks with some P.3 students of Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran Primary School. All EAs and the primary participants were engaged enthusiastically in the three reading sessions. The reading atmosphere was a definite recognition to our EAs!

International Interface

‘We love because He first loved us.’ (John 4:19) Peace Lutheran Team visited our students in April 2018. The team consisting of six Americans shared God’s messages with our students out of love. We thanked them whole-heartedly!

AFS Exchange Student

We are one of the hosting schools of the AFS family.

We thank God for having exchange students ranging from the East to the West. Denissa and Silvia from Italy and Ai from Japan were spending their years attending classes and extra-curricular activities with our students, having great times with in the LCK family.

~ END ~