VisualAnalysis Simple + Professional + Advanced

Simple Structural Software

We designed VisualAnalysis for engineers who beat deadlines. It stays out of your way, letting you find quick, easy, and versatile solutions.

Our Customers Succeed

Model just about anything. Loading is quick. Analysis is powerful. Design in any material. Reports are professional. You will succeed too!

Model with Confidence

Sketch models graphically. Import from spreadsheet or DXF files. BIM integration with Revit. Copy and Paste. Parametric generation. Click to edit. VisualAnalysis is all about versatility.

Load in Context

Apply loads graphically. Copy & scale loads. Customize load cases and combinations. Automatic ASCE 7 or other building code combinations. Tributary area loading.

Analyze & Understand

Static, Dynamic, and Nonlinear analysis happens with extreme technology. You get results quickly and accurately.

Design Smartly

Automatic design checks. But you control bracing, grouping, and select final member shapes. Optimize for least weight. Get detailed answers including intermediate values and warnings.

Report Professionally

Create professional reports easily. Save your favorites as a template to use again. Paste graphics and then save to any format you need.

Succeed Easily!

IES Customers have partnered with us to improve this product (for over 20 years). It is well supported, documented, and includes dozens of free training videos.

Buy Only the Level You Need

Simple Analysis: 2D & 3D analysis of trusses and frames

Professional Design: adds code checks per AISC, ACI, NDS, etc.

Advanced: adds Automatic plate meshing, nonlinear, and more

Upgrade levels: if your needs grow and the cash starts flowing.

The free-trial is fully functional (time locked) and will download very quickly. You can be up and running in less than 5 minutes. It comes with example projects, a help file, training videos, and free technical support. Projects you create will work if you purchase it.
There is no obligation with the trial. The program will uninstall very cleanly if you decide against it. We will not call you on the phone. Our emails are very constrained, and you may quickly and easily remove yourself from our list at any time. We will never sell or rent your email.

The End

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