Advancement of Technologhy Cam Smith

Timeline of Technological Advancements In Video Game Consoles

!966 - Ralph Baer designs the Brown Box, which allowed users to play several different games on a standard television set.

1972 - Magnavox develops the Odyssey, the first commercial video game console.

1975 - Atari creates Pong, which was a big hit that introduced home video games to the masses.

1985 - Nintendo releases the Nintendo Entertainment System that became the best-selling console in video game history.

1989 - Nintendo introduces the Game Boy, the first major handheld game console.

1991 - Nintendo releases the Super Nintendo, which was the top game system of the 90's until the Nintendo 64.

1995 - Sony launches its first Playstation using CD-ROM technology that greatly reduced the price of the console.

1996 - Nintendo 64 is released. It was the last system to use cartridges instead of CD's.

2000 - Playstation 2 is released. It was the first console that doubled as a DVD player.

2001 - Nintendo releases the Game Cube, their first disc-based game system.

2001 - Xbox is created. It was the first of Microsoft's game consoles.

2004 - The handheld Nintendo DS is released. It featured newer technology and better graphics than the Game Boy.

2005 - Xbox 360 is released.

2006 - Nintendo releases the Wii, the first home console using sensor technology.

2006 - Playstation 3 is released. It is a bigger and better version of Playstation 2 with internet capabilities.

2010 - Kinect for Xbox 360. Used sensor technology like the Wii.

2012 - Wii U is released. It is a handheld version of the Wii.

2013 - Playstation 4. One of the newest consoles out today.

2013 - Xbox 1. Also one of the newest consoles out today.

2016 - HTC Vive has yet to be released. It is supposed to be a groundbreaking virtual reality headset.

Technology really has gotten out of control. I don't know anyone who goes outside for entertainment anymore. Everything is inside. Cell phones, tablets, new tv's and video game systems have become such a distraction from reality that the new technology is hurting us more than it is helping. I find it difficult to tear my own eyes away from a screen when I know I should be outside exercising or making friends. In the next ten years, I think kids will probably still have to attend school every day, but everything they do will be online. One day, classes may even be held in virtual reality so all of us lazy people don't have to get out of bed to go to class. All of these advances in technology are exciting, but they are also dangerous to our health and our social skills.


Created with images by Dick Thomas Johnson - "Terminator Exhibition: T-800" • La case photo de Got - "Brown box replica, Ralph Baer, US, 1968" • Chapuisat - "Magnavox Odyssey" • Ryan Somma - "Video Game Consoles: Game Cube" • Jamison_Judd - "Xbox 360"

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