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Guateque Son
Guateque Son Public Service Annoucement

Guateque Son, Son Jarocho Musical Band from Austin, will produce a music video focused on sharing safety tips and safety guidelines for the Austin community especially targeting and connecting with the Latino community. The Public Service Announcement will be bilingual and start off with a short catchy PSA where different community members share brief tips on how to safely adapt to life during covid; how to properly wear a mask, social distancing practices, hand washing, pickup/to go with food options, and creating social spaces where we can safely interact and communicate with one another.

Snapshots of Austin and life in the Latino community during the Covid 19 pandemic will display healthy safe ways Austinites especially in Latino spaces (restaurants, arts spaces, parks, etc) have adapted to the new way of life. The music video will be a recorded live performance/edited with artistic imagery of Guateque Son performing virtually with their traditional Veracruz style Mexican outfits, masked, and socially distanced.

During these times it has been especially difficult for Austin artists especially musicians to continue our work in person since many bars and musical venues have closed bringing many challenges. We want to normalize the new ways of life to make people feel okay to do things differently in order to protect ourselves, our diverse cultural communities ¡Ponte las máscaras, Austin! Wear your masks!

In the video below, Guateque Son performs at Austin's History of Chicano Music Event in September 2019 at Austin Central Library.

Image by J Musacz
J Muzacz and the Mosaic Workshop

Responding to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and associated health and safety, Arts Responders artist J Muzacz and the Mosaic Workshop are seeking "masked selfies" from local Austin and specifically East Austin residents to raise continued awareness for this important issue and inspire the imagery in the mural.

The photographs submitted may be used for project promotion and building awareness for the ongoing need to wear masks, social distance and practice hand washing and extra hygiene measures to prevent the spread of the virus, as well as leading up to the mosaic mural installation.

J Muzacz and workshop artists will plan to fabricate and install a mural in February of 2021. The mural design of a masked Afro-Latina model as seen in the rendering will be a constant reminder to the community to be safe and wear masks. The wall will be a public facing wall as seen here at 2400 E. Cesar Chavez parking lot on the 2nd Street side, half block west of Pedernales.

Please send your masked selfies to info@themosaicworkshop.org, for consideration and possible inclusion in the project. See more about the Mosaic Workshop at www.themosaicworkshop.org.

In the photo below, J Muzacz shows the creation of a mosaic mural.


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