Save the Sharks by: chyanne smith

Shark fishing is a practice that occurred in the past, and is still happening today.

It is not just qualified fishermen who hunt these animals, but everyday people.

Not only are sharks hunted and killed, but they are also caught and kept in captivity for the sole purpose of human entertainment.

In captivity, these creatures are not able to contribute to the reproduction of sharks in the wild which is the only way they can repopulate as a species.

Without them in the wild, the ecosystem may begin to face a major decline.

Sharks are largely killed for their fins which are used in soups and other rare dishes.

More sharks must be classified as endangered in order to help save them as a species.

The repopulation of sharks begins with us. We must take action to protect these creatures and our ecosystem.

Created By
Chyanne Smith


Created with images by Elias Levy - "Great White Shark" • Florida Keys--Public Libraries - "MM00030888x" • BioDivLibrary - "n344_w1150" • radcarper - "200lb Ragged Toothed Shark" • Johnny Jet - "Shark Family" • Corey Spruit - "China 66" • YoTuT - "Shark fins" • Epsilon68 - Street and Travel Photography - "Iceland, Húsavík" • James Whiting. - "Shark Fin Soup."

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