Changing lives of today By: baylee laird

Created in 1891, basketball was built upon only men, but soon women saw the advantages of playing too. Now, basketball is played all around the world no matter age, race, or gender.

Within a month of being created for men, Senda Berenson had created her own version for her own female students at nearby Smith College. Berenson did not believe that they were suited to the same style of basketball that men did.

Later, Clara Baer brought women's basketball to New Orleans, then created this first officially published set of rules in 1895.

Basketball is a rough sport. That is why women were not liked playing it even though it was not an official non-contact game. Some teachers thought it was good for them to play like men to give them some character. When said, parents starting complaining that it was getting to rough for their girls.

Pressure continued to mount against girls playing over time, especially at college level. Critics still complained that basketball brought out the worst aspects of competitiveness in women. By 1908, many parents were forbidding their daughters from playing this game.

In 1908, The AAU took the position that women and/or girls should not play basketball. Later in the 1980's, control of the women's game was shifted from the AIAW to the NCAA, a move that not only streamlined the operation and made it more efficient, but also added to the visaibilitary of women's basketball.

In 1973, female athletes were offered college scholarships for the first time. This changed peoples thoughts on college for the better. People accepted it because it gave them the opportunity to go to college and get an education.

Today basketball is played all around the world, by all race, gender, and age.


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