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ARTS2WORK is a plan for the future -- a model for change where artists, communities and economies thrive.

Despite the well-documented importance of the arts to the American economy, as well as to education, community vitality, and business innovation, there is no infrastructure to support the economic sustainability of organizations and artists whose labor, creativity, and vision contribute so remarkably to our country’s economic well-being.

Artists are innovators and the economic engines of our country — they should be able to benefit from a set of education and training opportunities like those available to their counterparts in science, technology, business and the trades. Arts organizations should be acknowledged and compensated for their role in developing the American creative workforce and revitalizing vulnerable communities. A thriving arts ecosystem is a leading indicator of resilience and must not be overlooked as a crucial part of American economic vitality.

The time is now to build the infrastructure needed to support artists and arts organizations. Arts2Work is intended to be a dramatic new model of social reform uniquely designed for the digital generation and to meet the economic demands of the 21st century. Through dynamic public/private partnerships, the Initiative creates a networked infrastructure where training and professional apprenticeships lead to advanced career opportunities for a diverse population, including women, artists-of-color, youth, veterans and disabled communities. The effort will impact the resiliency of cities by reinforcing a vibrant creative economy that can bolster civic identity and safeguard against unchecked gentrification and displacement. Through this new deal, professional artists, mediamakers, and creative technologists will be supported with:

Advanced, networked professional development • Job and social entrepreneurship training • Subsidized mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities • Startup funding to build creative businesses, communities of practice, socially beneficial creative initiatives, and nonprofit arts organizations that serve low-income communities • Public/private investment to support, hire, and retain creative staff, business managers, and cultural producers and • Skills and tools to increase local creative impact and social accountability.


When Arts2Work launches nationally in 2018, qualified Multimedia Producer and Digital Video Editor apprentices will be hired as fulltime staff by participating companies and organizations across the United States. They will participate in a one-year program of on-the-job learning and mentorship and pursue related supplemental instruction designed to deepen the creative and technical expertise of the apprentice.

For an inner-city high school graduate with digital skills, or a journalist rejoining the workforce after raising children, or a veteran ready to enter the civilian job market, or a liberal arts college grad paying off student loans – this is a new and potentially transformative career opportunity.

And Arts2Work is more than just an on-the-job training program. Yes, Arts2Work will ensure that high-quality professional apprenticeships are available in the arts just as they are in other fields like energy, construction, telecommunications and IT, hospitality, manufacturing, and health care. Another core component of Arts2Work is that it will support participating employers with progressive, state-of-the-art policies for diversity, sexual harassment and equal pay. Additionally, Arts2Work apprentices will become part of an alumni network that includes access to professional development, grants for creative projects, lifelong learning and entrepreneurship training.

Arts2Work will train people for sustainable creative careers, provide pathways out of poverty, empower innovation in business, and build community resilience.

We are currently building the network of Arts2Work cities, engaging visionary funders and sponsors, signing up employers across the country, seeding our first cohort of apprentices, and certifying regional media training center partners.


National Arts2Work Sponsor

For further information, contact:

Wendy Levy, Executive Director, The Alliance for Media Arts + Culture wendy@thealliance.media

Christina Orticke, Senior Consultant/Program Director Arts2Work, arts2work@thealliance.media

Read The Press Release here.

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