Tennis Skillz By Haley palmer

Skill: overhead stroke

Roger Rederer hits an overhead stroke.

a. Cognitive: Deciding where is the most strategic place on the court to hit the overhead

B. Perceptual: Seeing what type of spin the ball has

C. Motor Skills: utilizing good footwork make tiny adjustments until the overhead has been hit

  1. Fine is more prevalent in this skill because tiny adjustments need to be made to ensure successful placement of and contact with the ball.
  2. Discrete is more prevalent because the tennis swing has a distinct start and stop.
  3. Tennis is external due to outside factors that could shift movement of the ball before contact with the racquet, such as wind.
  4. Overheads are a stroke done by a single person and, thus, they are individual.

D. Perceptual Motor Skills: seeing where the ball is and then moving to be in the ideal position to hit the overhead

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