Rapid Industrial Dvelopment is a Blessing Brady Beverman. HR: 2

America used to be a farming country until Samuel Slaughter introduced it to new technology and inventions. This started the Industrial Revolution. The rapid industrial revolution has been a blessing for the United States. It increased the economy in the US and expanded cities and roads of all types. It made the transportation better. It gave women and immigrants new oppturnities for jobs. There were new inventions like the cotton gen, the steamboat, and the telegraph. Rapid industrial revolution was a blessing, because the better transportation it created, the more job oppturnities that came with it, and the new technology which was invented made life better for Americans.


The transportation improved when the canals were built. They were built deeper and wider so more boats could fit through so more goods could be transported. The roads improved because they started to lay down large smooth flat stones. At this time railroads were being built and connected from the west to the east. This meant people and good could travel across the country. Transportation had always been difficult. Now that it was easier, the country would prosper, and all of this was a blessing because it allowed goods to be shipped and travel much quicker and safer.

Job opportunitys

The Industrial Revolution created more jobs. More and more factories were being built in many different places. As these factories were being built they needed many people to work in them. This not only opened up more jobs for men but it also opened up jobs for women and immigrants. Before, women and immigrants were not allowed to work in very many factories or even very many jobs. Putting more people in the work force was a positive for America.

New technology

As the revolution was taking over the United States, there was new technology that was being invented. For the plantations in the south, the invention of the cotton gen was huge. It allowed the slaves to produce cotton 50 times faster. The invention of the steam boat allowed goods to be shipped over water much quicker than before. Most cities were based around water so this helped with transporting goods to the steamboat and then off to their final destination. New inventions helped to revolutionize many ways that the American people did things.

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