PepsiCo Group 13


  • One of the biggest and most renowned companies in the world
  • Specializes in production of food and beverages
  • Lack of health conscious options



  • Financial size & brand image


  • Variety for healthy productions


  • Emerging market of health-conscious customers


  • Currently: high concern about health from customers

Recommended Change & Rationale

  • Implement high pressure processing (HPP) ,a.k.a. cold pressure processing, in Tropicana products
  • Growing market for health foods
  • HPP processing is healthier than thermal processing
  • Naked Juice already uses HPP

Kotter’s Change Model

1. Create Sense of Urgency: main competitors already investing in HPP

2. Build Guiding Coalition: prominent leaders stake holders

3. Form Strategic Vision & Initiatives: reach out to health conscious customers

4. Enlist Volunteer Army: volunteers invested in the organization

Kotter's Change Model (Continued)

5. Enable Action by Removing Barriers: man made or natural obstacles eliminated

6. Generate Short Term Wins: distribution to a few locations

7. Sustain Acceleration: aspire to maintain quality

8. Institute Change: advertise/market the goods


  • New HPP will make Tropicana more competitive
  • Change will increase revenues and the image and brand of PepsiCo, Inc

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