Mathematics in Medieval Europe By: maria paula sanchez, nicolas restrepo, and juan felipe suarez

Al Kowarizmi's algebra:

Al Kowarizmi was a very famous Arabic mathematician that wrote a book of mathematics. This book contains all of the principles of the algebra that we use nowadays. It also includes the whole concept of algorithm which is a corruption of Al Kowarizmi’s name.

Fibonacci's Liber Abaci:

This is Leonardo De Pisa’s most renown book. It talks about algebra and the arabic number system which we all use today. It’s basically the book that brought algebra, arithmetic and the arabic number system to Europe. It also talks about some of his most important discoveries and theorems such as the fibonacci sequence.

Chu Shin's triangle:

Chu Shionwas a chinese mathematician who wrote many books and texts on the subjects from which many of them included one very special theorem. It is the Pascal triangle made by himself in Chinese numbers. And it came long before pascal's did.

Pascal's triangle

First Printed copy of Eucler's numbers:

This book is a very important one that goes all the way back to the greeks. It was written by euclid and it contains a lot of geometrical theorems from which most are still used today.

Euler's Numbers




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