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We never thought of ourselves as trendsetters. We always knew where our food came from because we found it ourselves. Eating seasonally and sustainably; these are principles we were raised on. It was just our way of life.

John Anderson, Foods in Season founder

Foragers hunting for miner's lettuce, stinging nettles and fiddleheads by the Columbia River in Washington
We believe sharing food that is grown or raised in the wild, captured at its peak and then delivered with utmost care and attention to detail is a unique privilege. With this small act of sourcing and providing wild foods our own family has enjoyed all our lives, we hope to spark inspiration in the hearts of chefs and bring families and friends together around a table for an experience of delicious, shared connection.

There is nothing quite like spring in the Pacific Northwest. A glorious time of year that emerges victorious from the frigid clutches of winter’s cold grey rains. A vast green carpet of miner’s lettuce, stinging nettles, wood sorrel and wild watercress emanates from deep within the dark forest.

Our farmer’s gardens brim with the season’s first rhubarb, sweet English peas, plump fava beans, AAA white asparagus and green garlic. As the weather continues to warm, fiddleheads and wild ramps sprout up in enormous fields in the Midwest. Brilliant, briny emerald green sea beans are gathered along the cool coastline.

John started Foods in Season 31 years ago picking wild morels near his family’s farm in White Salmon, Washington and selling to a few, very select restaurants across the country. At the time, no forager sold wild mushrooms direct to chefs. In fact, wild mushrooms were rarely sold out of the regions they were picked. Over the years, John continued his love for the woods and built an ever expanding network of discerning foragers. The pride manifests itself in the loving care demonstrated by selectively picking only the best mushrooms and the careful transport out of the woods and to our warehouse. As soon as they arrive, the mushrooms are thoroughly inspected and graded before being carefully packaged for you. Our foragers appreciate the recognition their products deserve. We appreciate the difference and know you will too.

Morel hunting after a forest fires in Oregon
From last year's devasting fires come beautiful burn morels

Because of the hyper-seasonality of our seafood, we can’t promise we will have everything we offer all year long, but we can promise an incredible collection of responsibly harvested seafood at its absolute best.

A king crab boat fishes in the frigid Bering Sea
Native Yakima fishing platforms dot the Columbia River in Washington. Still today, native fishermen use traditional hoops to gently catch salmon as their elders have for over 3,000 years.

The very last king crabs are being caught in the Bering Sea, while fishermen in other parts of Alaska are catching the first day boat halibuts. King salmon resolutely begin their legendary spring run up the Columbia River to their spawning grounds. Lovingly refereed to as “the wagyu of salmon” by chefs and seafood aficionados alike, because of their incredible high levels of healthy fat (22% compared to 16% by any Alaskan king salmon).

A bounty of beautiful, pristine seafood awaits.
Foods In Season is located on the banks of the Columbia River. We proudly feature our local fish and fishermen. We use 33 boats to bring in a bounty of king salmon, sockeyes and coho. Our springers have 22% fat and are considered the finest salmon caught in American waters. Salmon is brought to us within 12 hours of being caught and at your restaurant within 36 hours. Hard to beat that kind of freshness.
Grass-fed cattle range in lush green pastures on Carman Ranch in Oregon

Foods in Season proudly carries sustainably raised meats from the Pacific Northwest’s best family ranches and farms; Reister Farms grass-fed lamb, Carman Ranch grass-fed beef, Anderson Ranches grass-fed Lamb, Tail and Trotters hazelnut finished pork and many more.

Grass-fed lamb from Jake Reister's third generation farm near Washougal, Washington

SERIOUSLY FRESH FOOD We’ve spent over 35 years providing foraged and wild ingredients to discerning chefs across the country and across the oceans. As a family business, Foods In Season recognizes that by treating our foragers and farmers well, and by treating the planet well, we can bring you responsibly harvested, premium wild and foraged foods year after year. You put your best into your dishes—put our best into them, too.

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