Timeline of Classical Composer Haydn BY: Selena cepeda

1732: Haydn was born in Rohrau, Austria

1738: Haydn was sent to live with a choirmaster at the age of 6 ; he never returned home

1740: He moved to Vienna and worked for the cathedral choir

1749: He was kicked out of the choir and left homeless at the age of 17

1759: Haydn composed his first symphony

1761: He was appointed Kapellmeister for the Esterhazy family *kapellmeister: the leader or conductor of an orchestra or choir

1783: Haydn son, Alois Anton Nickolaus Polzelli, was born April 22

1791: Haydn goes to England for 4 year ; during this time he composed 12 symphonies

1791: Haydn composed one of his most famous pieces in London called the surprise symphony

1795: He goes back to work in Vienna for the Esterhazys family

1809: He die of old age

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