High Rise Challenge By: Sara O'connell

The Highrise ChallengeΒ is stack as many blocks as you can on top of each other with a robot that is operator controlled and challenge-ready. This robot has to do these tasks by itself.

Criteria: The robot must fit in the 30cm long, wide, and high box in order to compete. Also each team member must do one attempt out of 3 attempts

  • Competition Rules:
  • All robots must start with the back of the robot touching the back of the competition field
  • Blocks must be completely in the scoring zone to be counted
  • Only like colored stacks will be scored
  • Scoring:
  • Any color blockin the scoring zone eaquals one
  • Stacks of like colors
  1. Block = 10
  2. Block = 20
  3. Block = 50
  4. And so on

Date: 1/25/17

Think: I think that tomorrow we will build the original from our packet. And if that dosen't work then we will add on to the robot. Like if it can't reach as high we will edit it so that it can reach, and so on.

Date: 1/26/17

Think: we did not get done with building the clawbot. But we did realize that there was only a few more steps if we wanted to have a sensor, I think that we should because that might help us in the challenge. I can't wait to finish this and win that challenge for my girls.

Date: 1/30/17

Think: Since we got the standard robot, Sparky, built we will probably build the claw today. We are going to build the claw bot so then we can add the sensors to the him. I think that the sensors will help Sparky so when we do the challenge he will hopefully be programmed but I do not know.

Do:Β so we worked on the claw but we did not finish. Tomorrow we will finish Sparky's claw, and hopefully have enough time to build the sensor.

Date: 1/31/17

Think: I think today we will finish the claw and test it out on Sparky. If we don't have enough time today we will get the sensors on tomorrow. Hopefully we will finish Sparky today.

Do: we did the cradle for the claw and Sparky's picture is on the title picture. That is the latest picture of him.

Date: 2/6/17

Think: I was gone for a few days because I was sick so I don't really know what happened. The rest of the team finished Sparky with the clawbot. Today is competition day so I am a little scared because it is going to be my first time in 6 days.😳😳

Date: 2/7/17

Think: Today is day 2 of the Highrise challenge, and one of my parteners is going to control Sparky today instead. And she is really nervous 😬 but I think she is going to do just fine. I can't wait for us girls to win against all these boys. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’ΌπŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ­

Date: 2/8/17

Think: Today is the last competition day, and my other parteners is going to go today. She feels tired 😴 but she is also exciited and nervous. Sparky is doing fine and our team is in first place.

Do: so we went and Sparky started malfunctioning so we couldn't stack anything. Also people copied Abby, the partener yesterday, and her stratagy so we got 4th place. And now I might go tell the teacher.

Date: 2/9/17

Overall we did well enough, we got 4th place. And we would have won if Abby wasn't so good πŸ˜’πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚, jealous but also Sparky started to malfunction in the mddle of Leah's turn and once it was over Sparky started working again, really Sparky. Also most people started copying Abby's strategy, which was really unfair. Because she was probably the best robot controller ever in the history of Highrise competitions!! πŸ€–πŸ€–πŸ€–πŸ€–I can't wait for the next challenge! See you guys next time!! Wahoo!!!!

Thanks for Reading!!! πŸ˜‰

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