Imperialism Yafed Mendez

Imperialism: The policy of extending the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies. It's basically when a strong nation takes over a weaker nation and dominates their political, economic, and cultural life. Imperialism used to be practiced mostly by European nations and some Asian nations. The strong nations would control the lives of people from the weak country. Imperialism caused cultural diffusion, and is the reason why many nations speak the same language. Imperialism was used to make a nation richer and stronger, and the weaker nation had to pay the price.

An example of imperialism is when Great Britain and Europeans came to America (U.S.) and took the land from the natives. They took over and started a new civilization here. They took a lot from the natives, pretty much everything they had. They were even killed. The colonists later revolted and started a revolution against Great Britain, which gave the U.S., their independence.

An example of imperialism is when Spain took over much of South America. The Spanish conquered most of South America, and killed many natives. They also caused cultural diffusion, and they are the reason most of South American countries speak Spanish. A lot of countries later gained their independence from Spain.

An example of imperialism is when France took over the Ivory Coast, Niger, Madagascar, and many other African nations. The French took over these African nations, and made them work for them. They also influenced the name of some of these nations like the French Guinea. Because of imperialism, many of these African nations speak French. Cultural diffusion plays a huge part in imperialism.

Another example of imperialism is when Great Britain took over India. The British took over the weaker India and made them work for them. They would tax them for salt and many other things. The Indian people later became tired of Great Britain, and gained their independence, (lead by Mahatma Gandhi).

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