Cary Alvarez Research associate: ADOLESCENT brain COGNITIVE development study

Research Associate

The ABCD study is the largest long- term study of brain development and child health in the United States. As a research associate for this project I have had the opportunity to pilot initial and continuing protocols with research subjects looking for areas of improvement. Develop new strategies too ensure accurate and efficient data acquisition.

Research Associate

As a member of the study's Spanish language committee, I was tasked with translating and reviewing all assessments completed by our Hispanic participants. Making the study materials available is Spanish meant that the Hispanic population residing in the U.S will be accurately represented in this landmark study.

Internship through the Department of Defense of the United united States. Served as support staff within special needs classrooms in three different child development centers throughout Germany.

Responsible for facilitating the learning of students with special needs. Created initiatives which would foster learning and cooperation through sensory motor and mindfulness techniques.

Spanish Teacher

• Responsible for create and implement a yearlong curriculum for student’s pre-k through 8th grade.

• Spearheaded after school programs, fundraisers, and events to increase student, parent and community involvement while promoting unity, academic improvements and more than $300,00 in fundraisers.

Teaching Philosophy

As an instructor my purpose is to encourage student voices, foster critical thinking skills, and promote knowledge application. I believe meaningful social change comes about through education, and the biggest contribution I can make to society is facilitating the acquisition of learning skills to create lifelong learners.


Master in Adult Education and Human Resource Development January
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

To view a collection of artifacts and examples of my work, please click the link below labeled "work Samples".


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