Soundtrack To The Rebellion By Machinae Supremacy


2002 | Metal

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“They sit and suck the tit of power. -- They claim it for us all, but keep it within walls. -- These men aim to slowly devour. -- And they lock you into sleep, while silently they reap."


  • The band hails from sweden.
  • Being fans of the Commodore 64, they used it's SID chip in their music, later becoming known by the term "SID metal".
  • Fury was the last release by the band before joining a record label, a task they forwent, utilizing the internet to grow their fanbase.
  • Robert "Gaz" Stjärnström. Jonas "Gibli" Rörling & Andreas "Gordon" Gerdin have been the core of the group since it's inception.
  • In early 2011 the band toured Europe supporting Children of Bodom on their Ugly World Tour. This tour cycle was in support of this album.
  • Check out our pages on their other songs Legion Of Stupid & Nova Prospekt.


Luke Tatum

I've been waiting for months. Months! Nick accused me of not reading the lyrics on the last Machinae Supremacy song. In fact, this was my favorite band for a period of time! I know the lyrics to the last track, and this one, by heart. I don't have any special knowledge of the band, other than having kept up with them since before their first studio album. I've always perceived them as lefties, so I called it how I see it last time. This song is a bit more straightforward, but (as tends to be the case) politically ambiguous as well. Machinae Supremacy's body of work is full of interesting turns of phrase and lyrical curiosities, and this song has one of my favorites: "Expose the lies of our brothers; Misled and lost between; The surface and the screen." So many people are misled and lost, and "the screen" certainly doesn't help.

Sherry Voluntary

Zombies are real! I see them every day. As a matter of fact I used to be one! Thank heavens I found libertarian philosophy to cure my petrified brain. This lyric especially spoke to me:

“These men aim to slowly devour, and they lock you into sleep, while silently they reap.”

I was locked in that sleep of the statist as many still are. I believed in the authority of The State and it’s right to rule you. Of course, I couched in the language that I had been taught, “We the people,” “Consent of the governed,” etc. I was in a stupor of left vs. right, good vs. evil. The media kept me focused on issues and fighting with the other side, as if those were the only two options, while politicians just kept taking more power from me, and I gladly gave it, as long as the right party was pushing said power grab. As I realized the rhetoric didn’t match what was happening though, I started to wake up. Once I found the guiding principles of libertarian philosophy, I could finally begin my journey of finding the contradictions that kept me from being true to the ideals I claimed to hold. Now I truly understand my position on the individual and their rights. My desire is to help others to do the same and see that they can step out of that zombie state and into a place where they have solid principles to stand for.

Nicky P

Thank god this isn't another song like that terrible OTEP one. I love this song because it does the important task of diminishing those in power to human. The worst thing we can do as a society is treat them as though they're something different and special. It denies them the cover of the lie they try so hard to keep people locked into. It notes the methods by which they keep people subjugated and asleep, ie. TV and the internet. I'm far more likely to buy into a rise and resist son that seems to understand the nature of our enemy fundamentally better. Guitar harmonies and video game synths are always a good sell if nothing else hits but it does, so this is a feast.

Created By
Nicky P