Hippies of Thornton Academy Katie Spagnolo

Expectations of appearance and attitude:

  • Wear loose, brightly colored clothing. Girls wearing bralettes or going completely braless in public places.
  • Henna Tattoos
  • Boys and girls with longish hair. Dreadlocks. Allowing body hair to grow out
  • Don't really care about their appearance, nonmaterialistic.
  • Sunny and laid back disposition

Expected Interests


Healing Crystals


Smoking Weed and experimenting with other Hallucinogenic drugs



Social Advantages:

  • Well liked by peers. Friendly
  • Being seen as incredibly talented in a particular skill associated with that lifestyle, such as yoga, experts on herbology, hula hooping , etc.
  • Known for being in good shape, taking very good care of their bodies and respecting the environment.


  • Being seen as an extreme activists who is intolerant of the views of those who disagree with them.
  • Being seen as aloof, detached from reality, and stuck in their own mind. Therefore, they might not be taken seriously in the adult world.
  • Might be seen as dirty or unkempt because some women choose to grow out their body hair, go braless in public. Some men and women also choose to dredlock their hair.


Tree Hugger

At TA, being a hippie is a pretty well accepted thing to be. They rank fairly well on the social ladder. They don't cause a lot of trouble and they are fairly friendly towards others, so they are thought highly of.

Classmates Quotes

"They always have a cause, and I would say that's a negative tone. They always have something to say like "You're killing the environment" and 'Don't eat red meat'"
"Flannels. Very outdoor, woodsy type. Instagram aesthetics. Overall pretty chill and nice people."
"A lot of weed. Who can climb the highest mountain and take the most artsy pictures."
"Longer hair. Really chill. I think about potheads when I think about hippies."
"It's a growing population compared to Freshman year"

What Category Do People Put Me Into?

I am the theater kid.

What does that mean for me?

While I am involved in band, and chorus, and also am Straight A type kid, I would say the theater group makes up the majority of my friends and the theater program takes up the majority of my time here at TA. I feel like people expect the theater kids to be either all caught up in their musicals, or their Shakespeare (which to an extent we are, it’s a common thing to talk about. We spend hours together rehearsing these things so it’s something we all talk about just about all of the time when we are together.) I also feel like others expect us to be charismatic and artistic and sort of “ready for my close up” but I also feel like others think of the theater kids as weird and nerdy. We ended up there because we sucked at sports, which in some instances is true. I suck at sports, but the TA players is an incredibly diverse community. We have students who play field hockey and participate in shows. And I would say any artistic person is a little bit quirky and unique from the crowd in their own way. But I don’t feel pressured to act a certain way, and I don’t mind being in this category because theater is something I am passionate about, and I love spending my time participating in it and being with people who share that love.

Unlike many other high schools, I feel like the theater crowd is well accepted at Thornton Academy and are somewhere in the middle of the social ladder. Because we have the means to support a strong arts program, we have teachers who take it seriously, which inspires the students to take it seriously, students who go on to put on quality productions for their family, friends, and fellow peers. Also because the theater group has diversity within it, many students have more than one social circle.


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