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“We talk about the Second Coming of Christ, when over half the world has yet to hear of the first…”

- J. OSWALD SMITH, Canadian Pastor

It is estimated that 3 billion people have never heard the Gospel.

Every year 1 million international students enter the U.S. to study and make the States their temporary home. Sixty percent of them come from countries that actively suppress the church or persecute Christians.

Seventy percent of international students never build a relationship with another American while they are in the country.

Bridges International, a ministry of Cru, exists to serve and bring the Gospel to the international student population in the U.S. and abroad.

We are excited that God invites us to join Him in His Kingdom work among the nations as we love and serve international students and scholars.

God transformed my life during college as I began reading the Bible and became a Christ follower. During my semester in Spain, I felt isolated and insecure, desperately desiring for a local friend. Upon returning to the U.S., I realized I could be that person to others. As I befriended international students, I saw God radically transforming their lives. After graduating college, I began serving with this ministry full-time.

As I co-direct a local ministry team, my heart is to give others opportunities to learn about Jesus and to witness God transforming lives through Jesus's love and forgiveness.

I would love to share more about my ministry and how your financial partnership can make a lasting impact. Ashley Dortch


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