Most Common Civil War Weapons By: Connor Hearne

Henry Model 1860

This weapon saw very little action in the civil war. Around 14,000 of these rifles were produced between 1850 up to 1866.

  • .44 caliber
  • 15 round magazine
  • 9.92lbs
  • typical range: 300ft
  • firing action: lever action reapeating
Springfield Model 1861

This gun was the most common and standard issue musket during the civil war.

  • .58 minie ball caliber
  • 850ft range
  • 9.63lbs
  • 3 rounds per minute
  • firing action: percussion lock
A cannon built for the civil war
  • weight: 1 ton
  • crew: 8
  • range: 1 mile
quickly proved itself the combat rifle of the time
  • caliber: .44 ball
  • six shot rotating cylinder
  • 225ft range
  • 35 grains of gunpowder per bullet

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