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She was a U.S. team soccer goalies and also tried out for dancing with the stars. Until one day she tested positive for banned substances. Hope said that the doctor prescribed it but it soon went under fully investigation.

Hope said that the meds that she was taking was for premenstrual purposes and didn’t know that it was on the ANTI-Doping Agency’s prohibited list. She said that once she found out about the meds and how they were going to interfere with her soccer team she talked with the USADA. Hope claims that this was an honest mistake, and it didn’t help or enhance her playing in anyway. The test were showing different signs.

Hope Solo had a urine test on June 15 at the age of 30 and tested positive for canrenone. And from there she had a public warning, instead of a suspension. Solo is one of the 14 American athletes to be tested for drugs against the anti-doping policies and she is one the the lucky three to be able avoid suspension.

"I took a medication prescribed by my personal doctor for pre-menstrual purposes that I did not know contained a diuretic. Once informed of this fact, I immediately cooperated with USADA and shared with them everything they needed to properly conclude that I made an honest mistake, and that the medication did not enhance my performance in any way," said Hope Solo. "As someone who believes in clean sport, I am glad to have worked with USADA to resolve this matter and I look forward to representing my country at the 2012 Olympic Games in London." This is words from Hope herself.

Many believe that this isn’t true though, because they think the U.S. team wanted her to be able to play so they came up with a reason. They made the warning public. They say after she went to Dancing with the Stars that, it went down hill. She didn’t place first there and probably was going to have a hard future somewhere else. Many say that she had an attitude change and she started to act different.

Many people believe that, she has payed people off to say that her doctor told her to take them. She was always good at playing many people say but one day, she started to get a lot faster and started to bulk up.

Hope said that it was from lifting and working out more, because she wanted to be the best on the team. She had to take a drug test before the Olympic game and it came back positive.

Hope was then able to get her doctor to sign off saying that it was a med. She was able to play in the Olympic game. Even though many think it was payed off and not really something her doctor would prescribe that is how it was shown to the public.

Hope is so good at what she does and if she is doing steroids or taking drugs that are not aloud, then she should have to pay for it. It is up setting and sad if she could pay them off and have them say stuff to keep it covered up. I think that if you want to be good at something then you should have to work hard for it and do it without drugs.

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