The Divine A Play at Constans Theater

When I first walked into the theatre, I was very impressed, I had never been there before and it's extremely nice. I was seated in the second row very close to the front, and had a fantastic view of the actors and set. When the lights dimmed I got a little excited, I only had a small idea of what the play was about and I was interested to know more. The auditorium was huge. I think in the role of the Good Life, place functions to keep one grounded to their surroundings, to remind them how big or how small of a role they play, whether in the audience or on stage.
I attended the performance with my friend Alexandra, her shoes pictured here. Before the performance we got dinner together and then hung out before going together. Watching together was fun because we got to discuss afterwards about the play. In the Good Life we've learned that you cannot go through life solely on your singular experiences, it's about learning from others and sharing experiences that helps you grow.
The story took place in Canada in the 1900s, and the issue was one of a conflict between duty and self interest. I knew very little about the play before arriving except the name. While the play doesn't necessarily have a connection to my life, it opened my eyes to look at things like priesthood and the theatre differently.
I think that this play gives opportunity for katharsis in that it makes two aspects of society, religion and the arts which are in direct conflict in the play come together in a new way. Even though the two topics have little in the way of similarities, the play shows how revealing your true self and becoming human through all your faults can allow healing.

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