Rainy mornings by bella DeLoa

The following photos were taken in the early morning after a rainy night. The brightness of the plants is a contrast to the rainy weather.

When autumn arrives, the green leaves on Ginkgo trees turn a bright yellow before they fall off. The two-toned leaves on the Chinese Sweetshrub have variegated from green to black. These trees are quite unique and normally not seen.
Cypress and sugar maple trees can be seen from the entrance of the Botanical Gardens on 9th Avenue. There is also a singular gingko tree in a secluded spot on the left-hand side of the lawn.
The Botanical Gardens consist of many different pathways that are surrounded by foliage. These trees create a canopy that provides seclusion. These pathways usually end up leading to a more open main trail, but it is still enjoyable to walk in an area that is secluded.
A sky view of the bamboo forest in the early morning mist. Looking up at the bamboo brings a different perspective than looking straight at the stalks.