Gardens for people with disabilities By Javier megia

This garden is for mutes as it looks really good and since they can't speak you will want to make it look as smart as possible so they don't have to comment on anything out of place.
The second garden is for people with a variety of disabilities, mostly wheelchair bound. People who cannot bend to the ground but stand up can also use this garden. It's main feature is that it is three feet off the ground which makes it very convenient for people to work the soil from their wheelchairs. It is also easy for people with arthritic hands to work there provided they have especially adapted tools.
It is my idea to have two such gardens, one on eather side of a conventional garden which will enclose the whole garden and compliment the eye. Such a garden must have a solid Pathway which gentle, slopes, if any, and no steps. In this way wheel chairs and people who have trouble walking won't have any problem of acces to any part of the garden.
My third garden will be specially adapted for the blind in that it will have every plant given off the most special smell which a person will not normally enjoy in a house. Unfortunately this would only be in the spring and summer time.

All in all I would have one garden with all the characteristics I have mentioned above so that who ever goes there regardless of their disability would be able to enjoy at least one of the aspects of the garden.

The difference between the garden for the paralizad and the one for the mute is that the garden for the paralizad has a straight path not like the other one who has many diffrent paths. The reason it has a straight path is so that they can go on their wheel chair as see the nice flowers and the ground is soft so it is confortable to go Ina wheel a chair.
So the difference here is that is the garden for the blind is only roses so they can smell that wonderful smell and the one for the people with hand disablilities there is a flower bed the height of the weist so they can work seated down and with special tools in their hands.
They are both very good gardens but there are differences like the garden for the mute is very big and has many different paths you can explore while the one for the people with hand disabilities is small becuase we provide them to farm like a normal guy with out disabilities will do but for them it is diffrent by having the garden bed smaller and having special tools to be able to work.

I admit these two are very similar gardens there is very little difference like they are both smooth paths and have roses. But the only difference is that the garden for the blind has way more roses it is full of roses to give that strong smell while the one for the paralizized has other flowers and has a green house.
This is my final design this is for the people with walking disabilities. The meaning feature is the smooth path that takes the disabled throw a nice day at the park.

This is my final piece of work. This is a part of my garden not all of it because it is too big

This are my responses of the survey I sent out


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