Wellness Lifestyle Retreat Join Chef Daniel Orr & Kelly Jo Baute, PhD

Culinary & wellness DAY retreats

Friday, March 1st & Saturday, March 2nd

Retreat to the Oakland Manor House

Join Chef Orr & Kelly Jo Baute, PhD for this culinary inspired wellness retreat based on their book, The Wellness Lifestyle. Enjoy yoga and wellness lectures from Kelly Jo as Chef Orr creates recipes from the book for you to enjoy.

Retreat Information & Schedule

Dedicate a day to your health & wellness as the authors teach you about "The Wellness Lifestyle". Chef D and Dr. K will guide you through the 8 - dimensions of wellness and teach you, step-by-step, how to change your lifestyle and to improve your overall wellness.

Pick the most suitable day for you to attend this one day retreat. Learn new cooking skills and movement techniques you can use at home, work and while traveling.

Friday March 1st, 9am - 4pm $99 per person

Saturday March 2nd, 9am - 4pm $125 per person

  • Learn to make recipes from the book demonstrated by Celebrity Chef Daniel Orr
  • Yoga movement instructed by Dr. Kelly Jo Baute
  • Life changing lectures and wellness lifestyle instruction
  • Have fun combining ingredients that are healthy and nutritious as well as taste great!
  • Learn ways of incorporate everything you learn into your own life

Chef D will demonstrate tasty meals that you can easily create at home that nurture the whole family and easy to recreate for friends. Learn recipes from the book including eye-opener smoothies, easy-to-fix breakfasts, lovely lunches, and delicious dinners. Chef D does not stop there. He will show you snacks and desserts do not have to be calorie-laden, packed full of sugar and preservatives. Rather, Chef D will show you how to fix snacks and desserts that are healthy, simple and still yummy and sweet!

"Most diets are telling you what you can't have. We're telling you to add a rainbow of flavors and textures." - Chef Daniel Orr

The Wellness Lifestyles 8-dimensions of wellness: social, occupational, intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and nutritional. Will be taught by Dr. K. She will also lead nature walks, teach stretching, movement and how to apply what you learn to your daily life.

"Making new habits can make a huge difference in how well you progress to a more healthful lifestyle." - Kelly Jo Baute, PhD

Dr. K and Chef D have carefully crafted these two days to share and teach you healthy behaviors that will last you a lifetime. You will leave with the tools necessary for a sustainable, lifelong, wellness lifestyle.

You will enjoy instructional lectures, yoga and lifestyle presentations by Dr. K. Cooking instruction, and meals created by Chef D.

Overnight accommodation is also available at the Oakland Manor House.

Spaces are limited, for questions, please call 407-614-8219 or email info@OaklandManorHouse.com

Chef Daniel Orr. FARMbloomington Restaurant - farm-bloomington.com

Dr. Kelly Jo Baute, PhD. A Splendid Earth Wellness - ASplendidEarthWellness.com

The Wellness Lifestyle Book, Chef Daniel Orr and Kelly Jo Baute, PhD, authors.
Relax at the Manor

surrounded by nature

filled with history

full of curiosities

Retreat to the manor

Where people gather

Experience the Magic of Oakland Manor


The Wellness Lifestyle Book

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