Collection Development Monthly Vol 4 | Issue 10 | November 2020

The Seasons Greetings Issue

  • Purchase Party Update
  • Important Selector Reminder
  • Gov Docs November
  • Special Thanks & Best Wishes

Check out the November Digital Display: Native American Veterans

Purchase Party Update

Collection Development hosted our 5th annual Purchase Party for selectors on October 30th. We met virtually in Teams this year and, in keeping with our usual Halloween theme, attendees were encouraged to wear costumes and/or have a fun or spooky background (which meant I got to show up in the Tardis this year 😂).

After all the orders were placed, we have now spent 33% of the undergraduate funds, 31% of the graduate funds, and 24% of our overall monographs budget. Great work everyone!

Thank you to everyone who attended! Special thanks to Sam for setting up the Teams invitation & notifying selectors about the event, and to Rick & Michelle for attending & answering questions, for placing the orders, and for keeping us up to date about the expenditures.


Important Reminder for Selectors

Our fall selecting deadline is approaching. By Monday, November 30, we should have 50% of our fund allocations spent. Ebooks are preferred, but print books are allowed through this date. If you have any questions or concerns about spending your funds, please contact Laurie or Ana.

Rick has created reports in Alma that you can use to check your fund balances. To view graduate or undergraduate funds, sign into Alma (gil.kennesaw.edu/staff), click the Analytics tab and select either FY21 Graduate Monograph Funds & Expenditures or FY21 Undergraduate Monograph Funds & Expenditures or GOBI Selector Fund Balance beneath Reports.


Government Documents News

If you visit the third floor of Sturgis, you will notice some empty shelves in Gov Docs. We were given permission by our Regional Librarian at UGA to withdraw our full run of Congressional Records, both the bound hardback volumes and the daily paperback issues. Sam worked with Dale Gooch from Facilities to get these volumes picked up and taken to be recycled. (Because the items we receive through the Depository Program are federal property, they cannot be resold. This is why Gov Docs are sent for recycling instead of being sent to Surplus.) 470 hardback volumes and 1865 paperback volumes were withdrawn! But never fear -- the information they contained is not lost! We have access to the Congressional Record at Govinfo.gov, Congress.gov, and in the HeinOnline database.

A fun activity you can do with Congressional Records is check what was happening in Congress on certain dates, like your birthday! Go to the Congressional Record Bound Edition page, click the + by the volume you want to look at, then you can drill down to the section and the specific date you want and download a pdf.

In addition to these volumes, Sam also uploaded 551 items to the ASERL Disposition Database in 2020, of which 81 documents were claimed by other depositories. I am currently working on a Gov Docs Collection Maintenance Project for 2021 and we plan to begin weeding the collection again in January.

November is American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month! Here are some links to government resources:


Top: Who are they?! Selectors share virtual costumes at the Purchase Party; Bottom: Can you find Dory?

As 2020 draws to a close, I wanted to give thanks to the fabulous team in the Collection Development Unit and my colleagues throughout the Library System. Happy Thanksgiving!


Warmest Regards!

Words copyright 2020 Collection Development Unit. Photos via Unsplash and the Library of Congress Artist Posters Collection. Layout by Sam Reardon.

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