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Walt Whitman's Quotes


At age 11 he was pulled out of school by his father to help with house hold income and ended up getting a job as an office boy for a Brooklyn-based attorney team. He eventually found his way to a job in the printing business. He eventually turned to teaching but found his way back into journalism and started a weekly in a local newspaper. He later found his voice and became a self publisher for his poetry.


  1. Dad: Walter Whitman, Sr.; Born: July 14, 1789 Died: July 11, 1855
  2. Mom: Louisa Van Velsor Whitman; Born: Sep. 22, 1795 Died: May 23, 1873
  3. Sister: Hannah Louisa Whitman; Born: November 28, 1823 Died: 1908
  4. Brother: Jesse Whitman; Born: March 2, 1818 Death: Died 1870
  5. Brother: Thomas Jefferson Whitman; Born: Jun. 18, 1833 Died: Nov. 25, 1890
  6. Sister: Mary Elizabeth Whitman; Born: February 3, 1821 Died: 1899

Poetry Type

His style and subject relate poetry to common life. He has a wince-factor that puts off readers.

Influences on Poetry------ (Poets that influenced Walt)

  • Homer
  • Virgil
  • Dante
  • Shakespeare
  • Emily Dickenson

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