How to use a bow and arrow and the safeties by: brody


1: Make sure that there are no cracks in your arrows so that when you shoot it does not break.

2: Do not dry fire it because the string might break.

3: Always hold on to the arrows by the sharp end.

4: Look behind you when you are pulling your arrows out of the target.

5: Make sure that there is always something behind your target to stop any stray arrows.

6: Make sure that before you fire, your arm is slightly bent so the string doesn’t hit your arm.

What you need:

1: The one obvious thing you need is a bow but you might not know the three main types of bows, they are called a long bow, short bow and a compound bow

2: An arm protector so that when you shoot an arrow the string doesn’t hit your arm.

3: A target to shoot at, the three main types that I know of are ED targets, block targets and sand targets.

4: One more thing is arrow heads the two types of arrow tips i know of are broadhead, and mechanical blade point.


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