Pacific Railroad Act July 1, 1862

What was the Pacific Railroad Act?: The Pacific Railroad act allowed federal government the support to build the first transcontinental railroad. May 10, 1869

After doing surveys down West companies opposed the idea, yet after passing the Pacific Railroad Act, it gave all rights to the two railroad companies, Union Pacific and Central Pacific.

Significance: Provided Jobs to immigrants, (German, Italian). Also gave more travel way after reconstruction of the Civil War.


Morrill Land-Grant

  • AKA Land Grant College Act
  • Purpose was to boost education
  • it was to have institutions that would be used to teach mechanics, home economics, and agriculture.
  • Justin Smith Morrill, congressmen from Vermont, set this up
  • His goal was to make education available to all social classes
  • 1862, Abraham Lincoln passed the first bill
  • Significance: helped the lives of all Americans, and is available to anyone in search of a higher education
Land Speculators
  • North appeared as rich resources, and looked to be able to be traded and sold
  • land trading was only of the elites, till all men became involved and became the fastest ways for a man to loose his fortunes
  • 1862 gave rights to anyone who had 160 acres of undeveloped land, if they met the criteria which involved having the land for 5 years


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