Drive Thru Club Rush By amelie chwu

Asian Culture Club

"We have Kahoots and presentations on Asian culture, free snacks too! We sell boba to fundraise to go into our snack fund and field trips. We meet every Monday." - Kaylie MacDonald

M-A FAB Club

"We're the Friends and Buddies Club—we buddy up M-A students with kids with special needs. We do arts in crafts and read stories and even dance sometimes!" - Zoe Schinko and Paula Tribukait

Donut Club

"We have weekly meetings on Tuesdays! We sell donuts and deliver donuts, and the extra money is given to Second Harvest Food Bank. " - Maren Lombardi and Tess Statkiewicz

Literary Magazine Club

"We meet once a week! We work on developing magazine pieces, poems, or short stories. We do a lot of creative writing activities and writing development." - Jonathan Becker

Coding Club For Teens

"We learn many different coding languages in two month snippets. We have college students or experienced high school students come and teach us. We meet once to twice a week depending on what languages you choose to learn." - Ava Ver Ploeg and Natalie Tantisira

M-A Chess

"We teach and play chess, and we host some competitions. We talk about anything chess related. We welcome anyone—new players included. We meet once a week, so join us!" - Ajax Fu

Luna Club

"Luma is a Latino student-led club, and we have a bunch of different events to celebrate our culture. We have a guest speaker series, we fundraise for different charities, and we build community with other Latino students. We're Latino based but we open up to everyone!" - Paulina Gutierrez

Leo Club

"We're a service club, and we do a lot of work with the veterans at the Menlo Park Veterans Association and we do STEM projects with elementary schoolers. We meet every Thursday, and we'd love to have any new members!" - Sophie McCreary and Evelyn Hsy

Key Club

"We primarily work in service in the community. We have service projects every week to make service accessible to everyone at school, and we work a lot with other clubs all over the world. We meet once a week on Thursdays after school." - Isabelle Thyfault and Gabriella Silverman

Building Bridges Club

"We're a service club and we partner with a playground, Magical Bridge, which is inclusive for people with disabilities. We have been doing meetings fundraising for other charities, and we hope to start volunteering in person again. We meet once a week every Monday." - Riley Goldman and Emma Campbell

Count Me In

"We make dance more accessible to everyone, especially the M-A student body. The dance community is very expensive, so we wanted to make this club to spread it. We meet once a week to practice!" - Chloe Kim

Change-Maker Club

"We provide resources and guide M-A students to start their own service projects. We also have a group project happening currently as well! We meet once a week on Tuesdays." - Kiana Gholamy and Sufie Sheikh-Bahaei


"We have conversations about inclusion and racial issues and how we can solve these issues doing social justice work. We foster inclusion and racial diversity at M-A. We meet two times a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We would like anyone to join!" - Jahkim Hendrix

Jewish Culture Club

"Our goal is provide a nice Jewish space on campus where we can talk about Jewish values and celebrate holidays." - Samuel Judas

Science National Honor Society

"We are like NHS, but more geared toward science. We combine service with science! There are opportunities for fundraising and volunteering. We meet once every other week." - Asher Allen

Burgers and Festivities

The smell of freshly grilled burgers drew in a crowd as Club Rush was wrapping up in the evening.
Free streamers, glasses, and other festive decorations were handed around for free to the club stands and participants alike.