Should euthanasia be legal? Xingjian wang (Echo)

"Euthanasia" is refers to the patient himself or his entrusted, repeatedly requested, the use of mercy and painless way to alleviate and relieve the incurable disease and the death of the patient. With the progress of human society, more and more people have positive attitude on euthanasia, but the reality is very difficult to legalize euthanasia. The reason is that the people’s traditional ethical concepts play a big role. The traditional concept is the accumulation of human culture, it usually affects people's social opinion of their life. Therefore, euthanasia is a very heavy and serious topic, full of rational and emotional, individual and social, historical tradition and modern spirit, theoretical research and clinical practice and other aspects of the complex contradictions and conflicts.

One of the physicians interviewed, 88 percent said they had received at least one request for euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide at a later time in the course of disease, whereas 77 percent had received at least one explicit request for a particular time. When asked if they had ever performed euthanasia or assisted in suicide, 53 percent confirmed that they had done so at some time, and 29 percent confirmed that they had done so in the preceding 24 months (Maas).

However, in 2000, the Dutch Parliament passed the law to legalize euthanasia, but in order to avoid the abuse of euthanasia, resulting in abnormal death, the bill itself provides a very strict conditions: First, the patient must be an adult, the patients who apply for euthanasia must be voluntary. Second, the patient must be in situation of suffering unbearable pain, also, the patient must go through the diagnosis by two doctors, carefully determined to use euthanasia. As a result, Dutch became the first country in the world to legitimize euthanasia, and it promoted the process of legalization of euthanasia in the world at the same time (Simons).

“To be or not to be?” when Shakespeare asking the audience, is also the torture of their life. The Euthanasia make those patient have the choice to decide how to end their life as facing the struggle of death and pain, therefore,the euthanasia should be legalized.

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