The Globe Theater Sierra arndt per.4

This is the Theater before the Globe and the Globe today.

In 1576, Burbage (actor-manager) built a theater before the Globe theater. Acting companies on tour could rent a space at The Theater. People who lived by or near theaters were irritated and annoyed by the noise and crowds. Because it was so loud "Burgage's theater was torn down and its timbers were used by Shakespeare and his company to build the Globe Theater"(Anderson 778).The Globe is an english- built theater where "Most of the great English playwright William Shakespeare's plays were first presented at the Globe".(Seidal 1)

This is what the Globe theater looks like inside and out.

The Globe Theater has an intresting look.It is "...20-sided and nearly cylindrical, with a diameter of around 105 feet"(Hager 1). In the center of the Globe is a large rectangular stage.The stage has an amphitheater measured 43 by 23 feet. The theater is big so it can hold " many as 3,000 spectators"(Seidel 1).Inside it had a "pit" for viewers and the stage took up "open air space." About 800+ who would stand shoulder to shoulder payed the price for a penny to see the plays. They are called "Groundlings".The stage can be seen from many areas; acting areas-forestage, inner stage, and the upper stage. These areas were made for great fluidity.There is a gallery above the stage which was used for many scenes. For example, the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet.Beneath the gallery is the "..."tiring-house," which served as dressing room, prop and costume storage, the waiting area for actors about to enter the stage, and a place for the prompter to cue the performers' lines"(Hager 1). Underneath the stage is a trap door where many actors would disappear from the stage, and enter "hell".

In 1613 ,the Globe Theater burned down.

During a performance of Shakespeare's play ,Henry VIII, a wad of tow had been shot from a cannon which set the thatched roof on fire.In 1613, "The Globe Theater burned to the ground...By June of the following year, the reconstructed theater reopened"(Cook 1). The Globe Theater has some rules.If people want, the Theater allows playwrights to quickly move their stories from place to place. The scenes can be quickly be established by a simple line. For example, they can say ,"Well, this is the Forest of Arden."(Anderson 780) People usually use playwright to make the play more like a movie. Unfortunately, "... this imitation rarely works"(Anderson 780).Most of the audience would rather watch the conflicts develop among small groups of people than be pulled from one place to another.

These performers and musicians helped students learn a few things about Shakepeare's time.

The Globe "...offers powerful, active, theater-based approaches to understanding Shakespeare's plays, direct from Shakespeare's Globe"(Hodder 1).They use across Key Stages 3 and 4 "...with an emphasis on developing student's enthusiasm, understanding and achievement from Key Stage 3 through to success at GCSE."(Hodder 1). Over the past 14 years the Globe theater has helped many students understand characterization, themes, and language.The Globe Theater gives excellent education to students. It helps students with understand characterization, themes, and language.It is a really unique and fun way to learn this knowledge.


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