Zeus and Odysseus

Herculean tasks are tasks that are to be impossible to do. Achilles heel is a allusion meaning your weak spot. The golden touch is an allusion meaning greedy and careless. Pandora's box is an allusion meaning you're doing something that will hurt someone or something.

Zeus's character traits are mean, punishing, and careless. Zeus was a greek hero or villain of the greek myths when he had to defeat his father and he saved his siblings. I loved that Odysseus went on the odyssey. While on the odyssey they defeated a cyclops called Polyphemus. Odysseus and his crew had to face big dangerous waves from Poseidon because he had defeated Polyphemus Poseidon's son. Polyphemus prayed that Poseidon would make sure that Odysseus and his crew didn't make it home. Poseidon was very angry at Odysseus and his crew, but they made it home safely.

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