Ram N Dry April Suarez Olvera, Karan Muns, Sam Bastein

Target market

Texas Wesleyan students living on campus with a busy schedule.


  • School
  • Work
  • Sports
  • Social life
  • Clubs/organizations

What is Ram N Dry?

A dormitory based laundry service where Texas Wesleyan students can drop off their dirty laundry and have it cleaned for a small fee.

You bring your dirty laundry to Ram N Dry and we will wash, dry, and fold your clothing.

Drop Off

The price covers wash-dry-fold and package. 12lb minimum

Pick Up

The price includes pick up-wash-dry and fold. 10lb minimum


Cost of service

  • Rent $3,000/month
  • Two washers and two dryers ranging $700 each (one time purchase)
  • 5 tide liquid detergents 225 oz containers, averaging at 146 per loads $23.98 each $120/month

Price determined allowing for profit

  • $2.00/lb for drop off
  • $2.50/lb for pick up


Creative way of promoting product/service:

• water proof stickers that go on the inside of the dormitory laundry washer machines

• magnets for the outside of the dryers

• Offer a reward service after 10 washes your next wash is discounted; punch cards

Firms may communicate messages: Directly through salespeople:

• Have Ram N Dry present at orientation to appeal to freshman that might not have ever done their own laundry

• Appeal to students and parents on move-in day and pass out fliers at check in

Indirectly through advertisements and promotions

• Fliers in various buildings throughout campus: the library, in Dora’s, the church, the business building, Morton fitness center and the laundry rooms in each dorm

• Ads in the Rambler, Texas Wesleyan's newspaper

Add in RamTV, Texas Wesleyan's broadcast television channel

• Create a poster to put in the kiosks around campus


  • An establishment located on Rosedale St. near Subway, near our target audience
  • No transportation is needed to deliver the service. Regarding the pick up service a Ram N Dry employee will walk to pick up the laundry, and Ram N Dry customers will pick up their laundry at the Ram N Dry facility.
  • Ram N Dry will have detergent delivered and stored in the facility closet
  • Customers can can call and schedule a pick up time and they will receive a text alert or a phone call to alert them when their laundry is ready to pick up.
  • Customers can go to the website ramndry.com to see our hours of service, pricing, and an overview of how our services work.


  • Dormitory laundry room
  • Local laundromats
  • Local dry cleaning services

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